You mean like using the pedals for two functions:
1. sensor to detect how much power to apply to the wheel(s)
2. battery recharging generator
So, the genrator on the pedals works similarly as the genset in a range
extended PIH like the Volt,
you can have the crank anywhere - far away from the hub, since you only
need to gear the crank to the generator.
Then use the batteries to power the (hub?)motor(s)
Hmm, interesting concept and just like with the PIH, you can gear the
pedals for optimal power to the genset, not necessarily need to shift
since you can electrically load the generator to stay within normal
pedaling speed.
Add in a button/dial to select how "heavy" the pedaling should be:
virtually unloaded, so only 1st function; or medium or heavy for a
workout and serious range extension - and you have an electric "gear"

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Interesting thought.  I doubt it since chains have very little 
resistance.  I presume you are thinking along the lines of putting a 
generator on the crank and then use that to power a motor on the wheel.

What might tip the scale would be to find a way to eliminate the 
shifting.  Instead of a shift lever you have a work-level lever.  The 
more you "shift" the lever, the harder you have to work - but you would 
go faster.

Secondly, you could theoretically charge a battery when coasting and use

that to supplement going uphill.

Again, interesting.  I don't know if I'd like it, personally, though 
because I like the direct feeling of movement and pedaling.


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>Is the technology available to use electricity to replace bicycle 
>chains or is a bike chain still more efficient?  Trying to eliminate 
>long chain runs on cargo bikes.  Lawrence Rhodes
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