Chris Meier via EV wrote:
Is it a specific band of sunlight, such as IR, that causes the effect?

It depends on exactly what part is being affected.

Silicon devices (most ICs, transistors, and diode) are most affected by infrared light.

LEDs are most affected by light of the same color as the light they produce.

If there is an actual light level sensor (photoresistor, etc.) then it could be responsive to the whole spectrum.

This is all affected by whatever filters the light has to pass through first. For example, PCB material is usually greenish; so light that passes through it to get to the chip on the back will be mostly green.

That said... while any given device is the most sensitive to its "favorite color", it still reacts to other wavelengths. Sunlight is so intense and has such a broad spectrum that it will affect all of them.
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