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> So maybe my analogy above is wrong.  EVs vs ICEVs is more like satellite or 
> digital radio vs traditional FM broadcast: they're better, all right, but 
> they solve a problem that most users / buyers just don't care that much 
> about.  
> I'm a big EV fan, but I'm also realistic about how much of the market 
> they're going to own in the short term.  Until the gas pumps finally run 
> dry, I'm afraid EVs will remain a (small) minority.  Better get yours while 
> you can.

That's why I keep banging the pony car drum. You can build an EV that 
outperforms a supercar for the price of a family sedan. Once the manufacturers 
start selling pony car EVs that outperform their electric brethren, EVs will be 
seen as the "gotta-have" high performance model and ICE as yesterday's slow 
old-n-busted news that only losers are stuck with.

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