So, my parents are okay. But, apparently, their '89 Lincoln Town car might not 
be...somebody pulled out of a driveway in front of them faster than could be 
avoided...resulting in smoke coming from the engine compartment and suspected 
possible frame damage.

So...if the insurance company winds up totaling the car, as we suspect they 
might...can anybody suggest an inexpensive EV suited to a retired couple?

It would need to be freeway-capable with a reliable won't strand-them 50-ish 
mile range in a Phoenix summer with modest air conditioning usage.

The biggest potential problem would be budget...they're on a fixed income. They 
have some, but not much, money they can supplement an insurance settlement 
with, and I can probably pitch in a few pennies. I'm hoping the used market is 
mature enough that there might be something worthwhile there.

Suggestions most appreciated.


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