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720 / 24 =  30 lbs per square inch.

At 12:54 PM 5/18/2015, Roland via EV wrote:
>One more thing that I did not mention.
>Is the square area of the solid rubber sections of the tire face 
>against the driving surface.  You calculated the square area of the 
>actual contact surfaces of the tire and divided that into the 
>vehicle weight that is on that tire.
>The best way we did this when we were road rally racing, is to ink 
>the tire and than lower it on a white plastic cover board.  You will 
>find that a wide tire will have a narrow foot print about 2 inches 
>long for the width of the tire.  If there is no thread on the tire 
>and the tire is 12 inches wide, then you have about 24 square inches 
>of contact rubber.
>  Lets say the weight on that tire is 720 lbs, therefore 720/24 = 3 
> lbs per square inch which is not good for traction.

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