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> You do too.  Yours is just manual.  And that can work as long, as you're 
> thoroughly knowledgable and attentive. 

That's the key point.

_Every_ charger has a battery management system. The only question is the 
degree of intelligence and automation involved.

If you're good about setting an alarm to check on the charger and sticking 
probes various places to keep tabs on things, great; don't pay for a BMS since 
you've already got one: you yourself.

But if you just want to plug the blasted contraption in when you get home and 
forget about it until it's time to drive off tomorrow, or maybe not even drive 
off for a few days and not have to worry about unplugging it until it's time to 
go...or even if you're willing to baby it but, honestly, every now and again 
you forget to turn off the iron or let the hose run longer than it should or 
miss emptying the litterbox some evenings...

...then get a robot to do the job for you. That's what they're for, right?

And, honestly, don't we _all_ have better things to do with our time and 
attention than babysitting batteries?

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