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> If it merely 100% replaces a pedal-only bike, then clearly it is dirtier.

I can't help but think this is the perfect being the enemy of the good.

Even the worst full-sized gasoline-powered motorcycle is going to get better 
fuel economy than the best econobox, and the average motorcycle pollutes so 
much less than the average passenger vehicle it's not even funny. If 
motorcycles were the norm, we wouldn't be in the pickle we're in today.

Similarly, full-sized electric motorcycles put both gasoline-powered 
motorcycles and full-sized electric vehicles to shame -- and two-stroke 
gas-powered assisted bicycles are even more energy-efficient than full-sized 
electric motorcycles.

And a bicycle with an electric assist? Your stereotypical teenaged girl is 
going to use more electricity drying her hair in the morning than an 
electric-assist bicycle is going to use.

So, is an electric-assist bicycle somehow dirtier than a bicycle without 
electric assist? Does that even deserve to be dignified with a response?

Anything that's not a full-sized gas-powered single-occupant daily commuter car 
is a win for the planet. Full-sized electric vehicles are a fantastic 
replacement...but all the other options should be encouraged as well.

And you will not find <i>any</i> powered vehicle friendlier to the environment 
than an electric-human hybrid.

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