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> Though small, It’s a data point we need to include in
> our quiver and come up with some numbers...

I think focussing on the small fry might be distracting and counterproductive. 
If you really want to do that sort of thing, you’d have to come up with a 
complete well-to-wheels analysis, including lifetime manufacturing / recycling 
impact. But that’s a monumental task.

Just pointing out that EVs mean that utilities will profit from excess 
overnight baseload capacity that’s currently one of their biggest financial 
drains…that right there is enough to shut down the naysayers. Add in 
vehicle-to-grid two-way smart chargers that can mean shutting down peaking 
plants and you’ve sealed the deal. Then mention that the utilities will take 
away all the private vehicle energy sales profits from the petroleum companies? 
No need for hookers and blow at that point.

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