That would be interesting information. I'll take a stab at an answer, based on this EIA graph:

Overall, it shows that commercial uses about 80% the amount of residential (this is a visual interpretation). The figure, from EIA, for residential is 11MwH per year. So, let's say the average commercial location uses 8.8MwH per year.

Now for the EVs: If the average EV uses 300wH = .3KwH (including accessories, charging losses, etc.) per mile and the average driver goes 20000 miles per year, that's 6MwH of charging per year.

So, based on averages and some EV assumptions, the gas station uses enough electricy to charge somewhere between 1 and 2 EVs.


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: MP Amber Rudd sez the UK grid too weak for 34M EVs
BRITAIN’S electric car revolution could trigger blackouts by overloading
 our power network, senior Tories fear.

Typical right wing ignorance.

What happens when 50% of cars are EV's. Then only 50% of the gas stations remain operating. How much ELECTRICITY does a gas station consume???? My wild a$$ guess is maybe the same as what it takes to charge 50 EV's. Now
add up all the ELECTRIC savings by closing all those gas stations, and
turning off half the gasoline pipelines, and half of the gasoline
distribution system, and turning off HALF of all the electricity consumed
pumping gas ouit of the ground, etc, and I bet it’s a WASH!

Tonight I'm going to drop by my neighborhood gas station and see if the
owner will tell me his electric bill and even better, if he will tell me how many cars he serves. I DOUBT he will tell me anything about the number of
cars and the amount of gas since he is in EXTREME competition with the
statinon across the road, but maybe he will reveal the electric bill.

But we need this number. GO get your local number and lets compare notes.

A Cabinet row has broken out over the plug-in motors.

Eco-loving ministers at the Environment and Transport departments say
greener roads with millions of the electric vehicles is vital for clean air.

But the Department of Energy and Climate Change fear we don’t have enough
power for them.
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