Google "scooter lights". Many are available. You could light yourself up like a Christmas tree. You mention a spoke. There are lights that attach to spokes and create patterns as you go.


On 9/16/2016 11:15 AM, ken via EV wrote:
 Being an EV scooter rider, I'm very silent around gas cars. I take back
streets just to be SAFE. My town has some 2 n 3 lanes in town streets.
I'm thinking of getting a head light modualator. but that will not help
being seen by those on the sides of me .

My idea is an electric engine sound. Basicly put a magnet on the spoke,
and a pickup, the pluse would go into an amplifer and into a bass tube
speaker that would make a thumping sound like an engine and faster you go
the faster the thumping would go. of coarse you'd have a switch and volume

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