Lee asks: 
>why Tesla doesn't just set up dealers like the other car companies<

The same dealership cartel that is blocking Tesla direct (non-dealership)
sales, also has a (lobbied/paid-off) say if an automaker is 'approved'.
Coming or going, Tesla is being stopped every which way to Sunday. 

Bullying has not changed since the middle & high school cliques: 

 ... Some of the more common types of cliques found include: jocks, tomboys,
cheerleaders, mean girls, foreigners, gamers, hipsters, hippies,
troublemakers, peacemakers, class clowns, "cool kids", arty intellectuals,
gangsters, wangsters, "ghetto kids", stoners/slackers, girly girls,
scenesters, scene kids, punks, preps, skaters, goths, emos, skinheads,
geeks/nerds, and drifters ...

All this anti-Tesla effort to put the kibosh on Tesla is understood as
competition under capitalism, where 'good-old-boy' rules work for a select
few. I am thinking it is similar to the same bullying (supreme geek) Musk
had to endure from the jocks, preps& more ...

 ... Musk survived terrible bullying. In doing so, he  learned that he could
do things the other kids told him he couldn't do. So he did, and he hasn't
stopped ...

 ... Tesla applies for Michigan dealership license 
January 31, 2016 ... automaker submitted applications in November to the
Michigan Secretary of State Office, and submitted follow-up information in
recent weeks ... the department is reviewing the applications and a decision
is expected “in the next month or two.” ... a “Class A” dealership license
to sell new and used cars ... also must have a “repair facility ... or ... a
licensed repair facility,” ... Tesla filed the applications as it tried for
several months to win over legislators, dealers and automakers ... offered a
number of test-drives ... Tesla also has opened four fast-charging stations
for Teslas in the state. Its website says a Detroit service center is
“coming soon.” ...

Oct. 21, 2014 ... General Motors  Co. widened the rift between Detroit auto
makers and  Tesla Motors  Inc., urging Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday to
sign the a bill barring auto makers from directly selling to consumers ...

EVLN: Ohio senator with deep dealer ties proposes anti-Tesla bill
Feb 14th 2014 ... The fight against customer-direct car sales by Tesla
Motors continues around the US ...

Deal paves way for Tesla dealership in Virginia
October 2, 2013  The world's hottest car company appears to have found the
foothold it's been looking for in Virginia. Tesla Motors, whose
high-performance electric cars have ... 

Tesla deals direct  3 October 2013 
If the states tilt against Musk, his eventual option may be to petition the
federal government to enact legislation ... drafted to protect electric
vehicle sales ... 

Sep 18, 2013 ... A state legislator from Taunton is sticking up for auto
dealerships, including those on the Route 44 Auto Mile in Raynham, against
potential efforts to skirt a Massachusetts law intended to prohibit car
manufacturers from selling directly to customers ...

Tesla says California car dealers are aiming to hurt its sales 
Sep 20, 2013 - This week the California New Car Dealers Association claimed
that Tesla was violating state and federal laws in the ...

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