Not disable - just simulate some things.
I am quite sure that a small controller and a string of resistors will be 
sufficient to integrate a Leaf pack into a RAV4,
NOTE though that the voltage levels are different, so either you go for a 
reduced capacity (from the Leaf) by not installing all modules in the RAV
Or you take 1.5 Leaf pack worth to shoe-horn into the RAV.
It is relatively easy to trick the Leaf BMS and I expect that the RAV computers 
can equally be tricked into cooperating with the Leaf pack,
Even allowing the occasional "overcharge" that the RAV seems to force onto the 
pack, to happen without problem for the Leaf pack.
It is all a matter of seeing what the car does - apply higher voltage for a 
fixed time (independent from actual drawn current)
Then implement a fail-safe into the Leaf pack that at a certain max charging 
voltage, the pack is disengaged from direct contact, only still connected via a 
charging resistor (similar to when pre-charging) so there is still some current 
drawn, but the charge is not progressing more than a small fraction from that 
point. For BMS faking: add a stringof resistor dividers to give the car's BMS 
the voltages it wants to see, independent of actual cell voltages.
Then there is the trick to fake the Leaf BMS - not difficult, just a small 

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The rav4 would make a great conversion using a Leaf 30kw battery.  You would 
have to disable all the computers though.  Good luck.  Lawrence Rhodes
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