Ideally, the car should be loaded as it will be most often driven.

Years ago when I had my electric Wabbit aligned for minimum rolling resistance, I actually sat in the driver's seat while the car was on the alignment machine. They then set the wheels for as close to straight ahead as possible. They gave it the very slightest touch of toe-in, just to keep the wheels from shimmying. They also set the caster and camber for optimal rolling resistance. Caster doesn't matter much, but camber does. The wheels should be set with zero camber. (Vertical.) Zero camber does make a _slight_ difference in handling, but I wasn't planning an autocross. The low center of gravity in an EV reduces the need for non-zero camber. It handled great, regardless.

I got out of the car after they were finished, while it was still on the alignment machine, and you could see that the alignment changed without my weight in the vehicle. I got back in, and the alignment moved back. It makes a significant difference. (And no, I'm am not that heavy. :-) )

Bill D.
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