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Skickat: den 29 april 2017 09:21
Till: Cor van de Water; Electric Vehicle Discussion List
Ämne: Re: [EVDL] Low efficiency on your EV? Check the toe-in!

> Ideally, the car should be loaded as it will be most often driven.

> Years ago when I had my electric Wabbit aligned for minimum rolling
> resistance, I actually sat in the driver's seat while the car was on the
> alignment machine. They then set the wheels for as close to straight
> ahead as possible.

-Aha, So you did not use the motor-torq at
stand still to simulate for higher speed road driving?

maybe that could be an interesting test to do?
Use F&R ,apply the torq needed for 80kmh
and look at the adjustment tools, if it is a
lot then some component might be in slightly bad shape?

/ John
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