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Ämne: Re: [EVDL] Low efficiency on your EV? Check the toe-in!

> After doing the toe-OUT on my Leaf I had parked it for a while
(I am selling it, as I am always driving my electric truck)
But today I decided to take it to work for the day so it is not
Sitting for too long.
> Wow! The miles/kWh varied a bit, traffic was mixed, some local and
Some freeway, but it stayed between 4.9 and 5.2 miles/kWh.
Before the toe adjustment, I had difficulty to keep it above 3.8
So, apparently this is an *important* adjustment if you are driving
Your Leaf careful but are not getting the efficiency near 5 mi/kWh.
This is greatly extending the range of my Leaf, now that I know how!

- Thank you for the report, interesting!
  What is the battery-power at 70(or90) kmh?

How to convert that "efficiency"-number to standard
energy consumption?  (kWh/100km)

I have done this on my Volvo V70 also some years ago, it
did help a lot, but the car with more neutral toe adjustment -
needs a bit more active driver on the steering wheel,

It would be interesting to try to adjust it *live* and watch
the power needed when running 90kmh or so.

Also the main problem with this fossil-car is the engine..
it uses more energy than the leaf per km,
just at no load to turn the crankshaft and other tings..
and about 4-5 times more energy when running 90kmh

It takes about 2kwh per 10 km *at engine idle*
no load, with the clutch down in 60 kmh..

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