On 05/08/2017 12:44 PM, Lee Hart via EV wrote:
Willie via EV wrote:
I'm in the process of testing a bunch of very grungy looking miniBMS cell
modules. The good ones, I'd like to spray with something to make them
weather resistant. Looking for suggestions.

Hi Willie,

Most of the sprays provide pretty weak protection. In an outdoor
environment where rain, fog, and condensation are very likely, I'd
suggest a conformal coating. If nothing on the board is getting hot (no

The miniBMS units have two large SMD resistors that dissipate up to 0.5 amps of current while top ballancing, and get quite hot to the touch when doing so. No heat sinks on them however, so I don't know if that would be "too hot" or not.

If you want something cheap, you can also used paraffin. Melt the wax,
and paint or dip the boards in it. It too is clear, and easy to remove
if necessary. The main drawback is that it melts if anything on the
board gets hot.

The resistors would definitely melt wax.

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