Lee, you are correct about the Dow 1-2577 coating (I like it); however, it is a 
pain to remove and makes troubleshooting difficult.  I have never seen a 
conformal coating that is not a pain to remove.  The best conformal coating is 
applied in a vacuum chamber (no voids in coating); however, it is impossible to 
remove.   Usually, I design a conformal coated board to have a low failure rate 
and low production cost and forget about the repair.

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Willie via EV wrote:
> I'm in the process of testing a bunch of very grungy looking miniBMS cell
> modules. The good ones, I'd like to spray with something to make them more
> weather resistant. Looking for suggestions.

Hi Willie,

Most of the sprays provide pretty weak protection. In an outdoor environment
where rain, fog, and condensation are very likely, I'd suggest a conformal
coating. If nothing on the board is getting hot (no heatsinks)...

I use Dow Corning 1-2577. This is a thick silicone-based conformal coating that
is totally resistant to water and most solvents, and works over a very large
temperature range. You paint or dip the boards in it. It's clear, so you inspect
parts through it. It's soft and rubbery, and can be easily removed if you need
to make repairs.

If you want something cheap, you can also used paraffin. Melt the wax, and paint
or dip the boards in it. It too is clear, and easy to remove if necessary. The
main drawback is that it melts if anything on the board gets hot.
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