On 05/20/2017 12:06 PM, Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
With a guaranteed 55 hundred dollar battery by Nissan I don't see any waste 
happening if you keep your car in good cosmetic shape.. I do see dinged up and 
funky cars being tossed.  Now well maintained cars why bother junking them.  It 
will be a matter of supply and demand.  Is that 55 hundred dollars worth 
keeping a car on the road.  Lawrence Rhodes

Well, in a few years, a long in the tooth 80 mile EV may be worth only a couple of thousand dollars. Who is going to put $5.5k into a car to bring it's value up to $2k-$3k? Think about what a well used Tesla or Bolt might be worth with a badly degraded battery that will still do 100-150 miles.
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