Lots of good comments. As a Leaf owner myself, I like the car. Most important, we could actually *buy* it here in the middle of Minnesota!

Like any car, we'll keep it as long as it provides useful and reliable transportation. Changes in the market price simply don't matter. Who cares if I could buy something else, unless the Leaf is wrecked or becomes unrepairable?

You have to remember that almost none of the EVs popular in CA are available in the Midwest. They are compliance cars; only sold in a few limited areas of the country. The few remaining EVs that are sold "nationwide" are in fact only offered in the big cities. There are no hybrid plug-ins here either; no Chevy Volts, no Prius Plug-Ins.

But... While low prices are bad if you are selling your Leaf; they are a great deal if you are *buying* one! They are going to give thousands of people their first chance to own a great EV for a really low price!

Yes, they'll probably have to cart it in from some other area of the country. Yes, it's likely they'll have to fix it themselves. Yes, the batteries may need replacement in a few years. But so what? We've been doing that with EVs for decades! And the Leaf is a heck of a lot nicer than a Citicar or converted pickup truck!
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