Indeed. I'm happy with the deal I got, and I love my Leaf. When the
battery ages too badly, THEN I'll re-evaluate and see if it's worthwhile
to replace the battery for $5500 or see what other deals are available
at that time. But yes, in Ohio on the lakefront we don't have nearly as
much to choose from as you folks on the seacoasts.

Cal Frye,
> Lee Hart via EV <>
> May 20, 2017 at 2:16 PM
> Lots of good comments. As a Leaf owner myself, I like the car. Most
> important, we could actually *buy* it here in the middle of Minnesota!
> Like any car, we'll keep it as long as it provides useful and reliable
> transportation. Changes in the market price simply don't matter. Who
> cares if I could buy something else, unless the Leaf is wrecked or
> becomes unrepairable?

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