-see if it's worthwhile to replace the battery for $5500-

[Those with experience & knowledge encouraged to give corrections,

The cost of a $5k replacement pack + the cost of the dealership's tack on

What price are there for Leaf EVs?
(I used an Ohio zip code on a nation wide search)

It looks like there are a lot more Leaf EVs on the west coast (like Cal
said). Looks like the duck hunter would need to go to where the ducks are to
bag their game. But once they have, they'll need to ship it home.

(I entered a 2013 Leaf from 94041 google-ville/facebook-land  to that OH
zip, which gave :  )
 We estimate that it will cost  $1263.00  to ship your items 2550.2 miles to
Athens, Ohio.

So, whatever bargain Cal or Lee would find, they would need to tack on
~$1.3k to get it home.

Then what to do with the ol' Leaf with the lesser range. Well there likely
is an ol' duffer (like myself) near them that does not drive much anymore
(only to and from: store, hospital, etc.) that could still use that leaf
with the lesser range.

Or, if we could walk Cor through a cloning booth and plant a Cor (Leaf
refurbishing pack guru) clone in each state, then the replacing of Cal's or
Lee's old tired pack would be less than $5k?
This is why it key to have what good EV deeds (like Cor) are doing well
documented on the internet. Then others can learn from what Cor is and has
done, keeping all good and safe practices in mind.

Other sources for that info I would not be so sure about (old, dated,
unsafe, lets the smoke out, etc.)

Which ever person around the county wants to do what Cor is doing, would
need a source of Leaf packs (salvage, wrecks, +)

The Joker: Where does he get those wonderful toys?

It probably is a lot of skill and diligence work to find those good leaf
packs that will have the goodies (good cells) he is after to refurb a Leaf
pack (not like something just anyone can or should do?).

So, as Leaf EVs become cheaper and cheaper, will salvage yard offer packs
cheaper and cheaper?

Will we also see more and more DIY mods happening to Leaf EVs, like making a
short truck or panel van out of Leaf (something Nissan should have done long
ago), etc.
?Any thoughts?

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