On 08/18/2017 05:58 PM, Gail Lucas via EV wrote:
I think Willie would rather fill his pockets with rocks than use lead acid batteries if he needed weight. Maybe would put a burro on the seat beside him.

A flight of fancy here. I could use dead LFP cells for ballast. I have many. Better, use live hoverboard batteries. I think 36v worth of lead golf cart batteries weighs 400-500 pounds? Probably around 3.6kwh worth of available energy. The hoverboard batteries weigh about 2 pounds. So use 200 to get the same weight. The hb batteries hold about 150 wh. 200 would be 30 kwh. Cost would be about $140/kwh. Quite a pack for a golf cart or lawn tractor! Might supply ~2000 amps. Unless I've stumbled on my arithmetic.
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