On Fri Sep 08 21:57:43 PDT 2017 ev@lists.evdl.org said:
>There is both a battery low voltage limit and a motor high voltage limit.
>There is also a motor current limit and a battery current limit.
>You need to set all four to the appropriate values.

yes, I know.  Just forgot to list those Motor values as they are set to be 
1000A and 150V.
And I was reporting Battery Amps of course.

I'm pretty sure now that it's just too low a voltage pack.  200 Batt amps was 
the max I could pull.
The GC batts are basically unused - but are a couple years old, and have had 
battery maintainers connected for that time.

I'm betting he has a Z1K LV - so that will limit how hi a voltage we can switch 
to when we switch to Lithium.
(also dealing with it having 2, 10A 48V chargers - one of which is dead, so you 
have to switch the other charger back and forth between pack halves.  sigh.)
This guy can't afford a bunch of upgrades immediately though.


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