On 09/09/2017 10:14 PM, John Lussmyer via EV wrote:

I'm betting he has a Z1K LV - so that will limit how hi a voltage we can switch 
to when we switch to Lithium.
(also dealing with it having 2, 10A 48V chargers - one of which is dead, so you 
have to switch the other charger back and forth between pack halves.  sigh.)
This guy can't afford a bunch of upgrades immediately though.

I have a Curtis 1231c, so I had to keep my pack voltage at 120-130 volts when upgrading to lithium. I had to re-arrange my Leaf pack to put every 3 modules in parallel reducing the voltage to 131.2 fully charged.

If you can fit an extra 4 GC batteries into the truck somewhere (mine had them under the hood up front) to raise your pack voltage to 120v nominal I can sell you my old Lead Acid chargers (Zivan for 240v & Quick Charge for 110v) very cheaply....

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