Subject: Re: [EVDL] EVLN: Fiat ups the amount lo$t on each 500e sold> (a
2012 compliance EV)

Business that are only in anything only to make a quick buck will always
fail in the long run.  Building any car takes hundreds of millions of dollar
investment in new engineering and tooling.  Only a fool or a crook would try
to get that all back in selling just a few hundred cars.

No, ALL cars, not just EV's have to sell hundreds of thousands to be
"profitable" its just the cost of doing business.

Remember the big right wing commentators that said that a Chevy Volt cost
more than a Hummer?  Because they simply took all that was invested by GM
over the previous 8 years of designing and building the Volt and then
divided by the first 1000 cars sold and came up with a HUGE cost.

Only the stupid would believe such hogwash...

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