So why was it taken to the dealer? What was wrong with it.
Was it towed there?  Is that what drove the sales price?
Inquiring minds want to know these things... ;-)


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I recently bought a 2013 Smart ED for $4500. I own the battery.
I took it to the Mercedes dealer (Leith, in Cary, NC) and they kept it for
two weeks. The only loan car they could give us (after we asked, they did
not offer it) was an ICE Smart, which is a horrible car to drive.

The car itself has been fun. It's not as refined as the LEAF, but drives
like a fast little go-cart! It feels like a really well done EV
conversion, while the LEAF feels like it was designed to be electric.
The lack of a service manual bothers me, but there seems to be a growing
body of DIY info, including a leafspy like device that's in the prototype
stage and a $200 code reader that's claimed to work with the Smart
electric. We also have an independent mechanic that is working with one of
the local Smart EV owners to learn how to repair them.

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