It was towed to the dealer because of a fault in the motor control electronics. 
They replaced a module under warranty, but didn't give many details. When it 
threw the fault code, it would not move under its own power (I coasted into a 
parking lot). By the time AAA arrived, saw that they needed a rollback truck, 
and returned with the right truck, it would drive again, but I didn't trust it 
to make it to the dealer.
A friend had somewhat similar symptoms with his and had the accelerator pedal 
sensor replaced under warranty.

The car was running when I bought it. $4500 is a pretty typical price for a 
2013 in the Raleigh, NC area. 


> On October 24, 2017 at 8:56 AM Robert Bruninga <> wrote:
> So why was it taken to the dealer? What was wrong with it.
> Was it towed there?  Is that what drove the sales price?
> Inquiring minds want to know these things... ;-)
> Bob
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> I recently bought a 2013 Smart ED for $4500. I own the battery.
> I took it to the Mercedes dealer (Leith, in Cary, NC) and they kept it for
> two weeks. The only loan car they could give us (after we asked, they did
> not offer it) was an ICE Smart, which is a horrible car to drive.
> The car itself has been fun. It's not as refined as the LEAF, but drives
> like a fast little go-cart! It feels like a really well done EV
> conversion, while the LEAF feels like it was designed to be electric.
> The lack of a service manual bothers me, but there seems to be a growing
> body of DIY info, including a leafspy like device that's in the prototype
> stage and a $200 code reader that's claimed to work with the Smart
> electric. We also have an independent mechanic that is working with one of
> the local Smart EV owners to learn how to repair them.
> Bill
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