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> Critics say EV buyers tend to be wealthier & do not need subsidies ...

This is a wilful and deliberate mischaracterization of the incentirves' 
purpose. The incentives aren't for the buyers, they're for the automakers.  
They're bribing them to make vehicles that they'd otherwise refuse to, 
taking away their excuse of "EVs aren't profitable" by allowing them to 
charge thousands of dollars more for EVs than they otherwise could.

In effect, they're helping Detroit, and a few Asian and European automakers, 
compete with Tesla (and, to a lesser degree, Nissan).

"EV buyers tend to be wealthier" is 100% pure political positioning.  The 
petroleum companies and their owners are far, far wealthier than EV buyers, 
but you don't see congress threatening to take away THEIR subsidies and tax 
breaks.  I'm sure I don't need to explain the difference.

I expect that most or all US automakers will use the incentives' repeal as a 
reason to reduce or eliminate their EV programs. Some European and Asian 
automakers may too.   

The forward-looking ones won't.  And there's also a decent chance that some 
European and Asian governments will continue to subsidize them for quite a 

Those who forge ahead with EVs will have a significant competitive advantage 
in a decade or two.  Those who fall back to their default "strip-mine the 
current market, forget the future" position will repeat the same errors they 
made in the 1970s. 

In 1973, Detroit was caught flat-footed by the Mideast oil boycott.  The 
cars they liked to sell got 13mpg.  They had no small, efficient cars that 
anyone wanted.  

Chrysler had the Dodge Colt, built for them in Japan by Mitsubishi.  Ford 
had the Pinto, and Chevrolet had the Vega.  Look them up and you'll 
understand why Toyota and Nissan ate their lunch -- and dinner, too.

It'll happen again.  When once again drivers have to wait in line for hours 
to buy gasoline, they'll demand EVs.  They'll get them from the 
manufacturers who've been refining them and developing them all along. GM, 
Ford, and Chrysler will throw up their hands and say, "Who could have 
foreseen it?"  The'll beg congress for ICEV incentives and/or EV tariffs to 
"level the playing field."  

Think we'll hear anything then about how ICEVs "don't need subsidies"?

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