BTW: the newswires are still burning up about this topic. IMO, the media
does not care that all this hoopla might be just more attention grabbing
donald hype, that loss of the EV credit will barely degrade Tesla sales,
+more ...

Because media has been starving for something  EV  to write about (there
have been very slow EV news days for months), and thus this is a hot topic
to  misinform   the public about w/ opinions and other media factoids.

Below are some more on this topic, and a couple that still use the typo  nod
need :

House tax reform plan would kill $7500 EV credit
Nov 2, 2017  "The EV tax credit repeal would cede U.S. leadership in clean
vehicles, ... to be wealthier than average Americans and do  nod need 
subsidies ...
UPDATE 1-US House Republicans propose to scrap $7500 electric ...
Nov 2, 2017  "The potential elimination of the federal electric vehicle tax
credit will impact the ... tend to be wealthier than average Americans and
do  nod need  subsidies ...

Trump tax plan will pull plug on $7500 credit for electric vehicle buyers
Chicago Tribune-19 hours ago
Selling a gas-thirsty American market on the merits of electric vehicles
could get a lot harder if a Trump administration proposal to eliminate a ...

What Could Happen To Electric Car Sales If The $7500 Tax Credit ...
Jalopnik-Nov 3, 2017

The US government may take away the $7500 tax credit for EVs
Engadget-Nov 2, 2017

The GOP tax bill kills a $7500 electric-vehicle credit — and that's ...
Yahoo News-9 hours ago

Electric-Vehicle Tax-Credit Proposal Slows Tesla, Detroit -- Update
Fox Business-16 hours ago

House Republicans propose to scrap $7500 electric vehicle credit
Reuters-Nov 2, 2017
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House Republicans are proposing to eliminate the
$7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles, which could hurt ...

That proposed tax plan would kill the $7500 electric vehicle credit
TechCrunch-Nov 2, 2017

Electric vehicle $7500 tax credit expected to go away with new ...
Electrek-Nov 2, 2017

$7500 electric car tax credit goes away under GOP plan. Not good ...
USA TODAY-Nov 2, 2017

EVs From Tesla and GM May Start Losing Their Tax Credits
In-Depth-Bloomberg-Nov 2, 2017

House tax reform plan would kill $7500 EV credit
Automotive News (blog)-Nov 2, 2017
WASHINGTON -- Tesla Inc., General Motors and other major carmakers pushing
to boost U.S. electric car sales were dealt a blow by House ...

President Trump Wants To Kill The $7500 EV Tax Credit
CarBuzz-20 hours ago
Automakers, however, aren't too pleased with the initial House proposal to
repeal the $7,500 federal EV tax credit after the 2017 tax year.

What Happens If EV Tax Credits Are Scrapped?
DesignNews-19 hours ago

Congress' Plan to Kill the Electric Car Tax Credit Could Kill Electric ...
WIRED-2 hours ago
... one that would kill the federal tax credit that gives up to $7,500 to
anyone who buys an electric car. Created as part of the 2009 stimulus bill,

GOP's Move To End Electric Vehicle Incentives In Tax Plan Could ...
Forbes-Nov 2, 2017
These incentives, worth up to $7,500 per vehicle, have played a big role in
getting EV sales to where they are today, with General Motors, Tesla ...
UPDATE 1-US House Republicans propose to scrap $7500 electric ...
Reuters Africa-Nov 2, 2017

Draft tax bill eliminates credit for all electric-car buyers: report ...
Green Car Reports-Nov 2, 2017
The electric-car credit itself lets a taxpayer reduce income tax due by an
amount from $2,500 to $7,500 that depends on the size of the battery ...

House GOP tax package boosts nukes, slashes wind, EV credits
Utility Dive-Nov 3, 2017
The bill would also hit the electric vehicle industry, with a proposal to
end the $7,500 federal credit for EV purchases. When Georgia ended its ...
Energy winners and losers in House GOP tax reform proposal
Washington Examiner-Nov 2, 2017

Say Goodbye to EV Tax Credits Under New GOP Tax Plan
The Truth About Cars-Nov 2, 2017
Say Goodbye to EV Tax Credits Under New GOP Tax Plan ... elimination of a
huge driver for electric vehicle sales — the $7,500 EV tax credit.

Tesla: Fumble, Grumble, Tumble
Seeking Alpha-21 hours ago
You may remember that in the early days of the Model S, Tesla was ...
potential bill for tax reform included the repeal of the $7,500 EV tax

Bad Tesla  new keeps coming , but the company is doing 3 things right
Business Insider-49 minutes ago

Fossil-Fuel Friendly Tax Plan Spares Oil, Not Solar or Tesla
Bloomberg-Nov 2, 2017
But there are exceptions: A $7,500 credit for electric vehicle purchases is
gone, as is a credit for big solar and geothermal projects.

Republican Tax Proposal May See EV Credit Program Scrapped
AutoGuide.com-Nov 3, 2017
The EV credit program, introduced in 2010, provides monetary ... with each
kWh unit adding $417 to the total until reaching a ceiling $7,500.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Could Go Away Under Proposed Tax ...
GM Authority (blog)-17 hours ago
Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Could Go Away Under Proposed Tax Reform Bill
... Jobs Act proposed slashes the tax credits, valued up to $7,500 depending
on ... Even if the tax credit sticks around, it would need reform to keep

Republican Tax Plan Would Eliminate EV Tax Credit, Could ...
Carscoops (blog)-Nov 2, 2017
Republican Tax Plan Would Eliminate EV Tax Credit, Could Jeopardize Sales
... and $7,500 depending on the size of the vehicle and its battery
capacity. ... Phasing out the tax credit could prove disastrous to electric
vehicle ...

GOP tax plan picks winners and losers in energy sector
WTHR-19 hours ago
The measure would repeal a tax credit of up to $7,500 for plug-in electric
vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt. Electric cars ...

Sacramento Bee
Homebuilders gloomy, asset managers relieved over tax plan
WTOP-Nov 2, 2017
The plan eliminates a $7,500 federal tax credit for buyers of electrics
after ... and environmental groups quickly predicted a plunge in EV sales.

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