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Michigan Senator urges Congress to retain electric car tax credit
November 09, 2017  Senator Gary Peters wrote to Senate leaders that "a new
generation of jobs and families will be supported by electric vehicles.
Eliminating important economic incentives for EVs would be a step in the
wrong direction ... Automakers have invested billions in electric vehicles
and announced plans to shift significant production to plug-ins ...
Tax Breaks for Oil, Wind, Electric Cars Survive in Senate Bill
November 9, 2017  The Senate strategy also means that a $7,500 tax credit
for electric-vehicle purchases that has benefited companies such as Tesla
Inc. and General Motors Co., won’t be eliminated ...
House Tax Bill Fails to Preserve Electric Vehicle Incentives—Senate Must
Protect Them
November 9, 2017  Union of Concerned Scientists- This new version, like the
first version introduced, would fully end the tax incentives for electric
vehicles at the end of this year. That's a shortsighted policy that ...
Utilities Push for Electric Car Tax Credit as Ford Stays Neutral
November 10, 2017 ... many of the biggest automakers reluctant to put their
lobbying muscle fully behind a fight to preserve an incentive for a market
that only represents 1 percent of sales ...
Does Repeal of the EV Tax Credit Really Matter?
November 9, 2017 ... repeal should have little effect on the long-term
global trend toward mass EV ... currently 45 states and DC have some sort of
state-level incentive for electric vehicle purchases ... which could be
bolstered to make up for the loss in federal promotions ...
Utilities push for electric car tax credit
Nov 10, 2017  ... action is now shifting to the Senate, which is likely to
maintain the electric car tax credit as-is. ...
Senate GOP tax bill keeps $7,500 EV tax credit intact
November 10, 2017 ... the $7,500 credit is not a pile of cash handed to you
at the dealership. It's a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability
for that year. If you didn't pay $7,500 in taxes that year, you'll only be
credited for as much tax as you paid. Not everyone will be eligible for the
full credit …
The Republican Tax Plan Is an Assault on Renewable Energy
Nov. 13, 2017  House Republicans also propose eliminating the $7,500 credit
for electric vehicle purchases, which analysts say “could cripple the
emerging EV market.” ...
 ... it will also hurt our economic, energy security and energy independence
goals ... the quantity of plug-ins sold before the credit would phase out
was set at 200,000 per manufacturer ... none have reached the 200,000
threshold for phasing out the credit ... (GM sez) "Tax credits are an
important customer benefit that can help accelerate the acceptance of
electric vehicles ... we will work with Congress to explore ways to maintain
this incentive." ...

Koch Brothers and their fossil fuel industry allies are waging a major
campaign to rebrand oil and gas as "innovative" and "sustainable" solutions,
and to limit consumer choice by attacking clean energy and electric vehicles
 ... Koch are “plotting a multimillion dollar assault on electric vehicles”
and in support of fossil fuels. This campaign arrived in August as Fueling
U.S. Forward ...

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