% Was this gop threat just a way to make short-profits? (profit by throwing
the market into a tizzy) %

Plug In America Rallies the Troops to Fight For Federal Electric Vehicle Tax
November 6, 2017   Plug In America, one of the country’s largest non-profit
groups dedicated to plug-in vehicle policy, has launched an online campaign
] calling for the government to abandon its proposed plan to kill the up-to
$7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit ...
Automakers Fight for Consumers to Keep the EV Tax Credit
November 6, 2017  Automakers are not happy about the recent plans to
eliminate the EV tax credit for U.S. taxpayers who buy a qualifying electric
car ... key industry stakeholders are now scrambling together to promote the
importance of the credit, even calling upon Congress to work with the
automakers directly so that the credit can remain in place ...
Automakers lobbying to save $7,500 EV credit
November 6, 2017  General Motors and Nissan worry about losing money.
At least two major car companies set aside their differences to lobby
against the proposed elimination of the federal government's electric
vehicle tax credit ...
Automakers Fight To Keep The EV Tax Credit From Getting Axed
November 6, 2017  And while killing the tax credit probably won't do much to
hurt sales of luxury EVs ... The Electric Drive Transportation Association,
which represents automakers, ...
Automakers Scramble As EV Tax Credits Go On The Chopping Block
11/6/2017  Automakers are scrambling to defend the electric vehicle tax
credit after House Republicans last week proposed eliminating it ...
Lobbyists here quickly huddled to figure out how to save the tax credit,
which the industry views as critical to promoting commercial adoption of
electric vehicle technology ...

Tesla Leads List Of Short Sellers Betting The Stock Will Crash
Nasdaq-6 hours ago
... one field - short selling - continues to pester the manufacturer of
electric vehicles. ... that missed estimates and a report that it might lose
a beneficial tax credit .
Tesla Shorts Have Made a Killing in the Last Month
TheStreet.com-9 hours ago
Tesla is now the largest equity short in the U.S. and Canada, with short
interest ... in terms of daily mark-to-market profits were Tesla, AT&T,
General Electric Co.
GOP Proposes Tax Plan That US Shale Will Love And Tesla Will Hate
Forbes-3 hours ago
... for all other manufacturers of electric vehicles in the U.S., the GOP
tax plan would repeal the existing $7,500 tax credit available to purchasers
of these cars.

Koch Front Group, Fueling US Forward, Bashes Electric Car Tax ...
Jul 22, 2017 - The crux of the message is that the majority of electric
vehicle subsidies (in the form of federal and state tax credits) go to
“wealthier households ...

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