Searches on your two Bolt issues: uncomfortable seats, and the GoM
 I found the links below to explore.

Uncomfortable Bolt seats seem a common topic on Bolt forum threads, as well
as Volt pih seats also seem to be uncomfortable for some.



A comment warned about using aftermarket seats, that incompatibility with
air bags may have issues, etc.


I remember a previous Bolt news item that mentioned the GoM was more than
just a calculator for KWh-used . That GM engineers made a special effort to
include some predictive-guessing in their algorithm as well. 

Put simpler, if you were the only driver of the Bolt, it would learn/adjust
to your driving style when giving its range left calculation results.

If you read through the Bolt EV forum discussions on this, their comments
tend to support:
 how the Bolt is driven, affects the range displayed.

So, since you went for a test drive, we should assume many different types
of drivers with just as many types of driving styles had affected the range
calculations/readings on the Bolt you test drove (meaning the reading you
got we not the best).




Perhaps a better test would be to have a Bolt to drive for a week, let it
get to know your driving style, for the readings to have more accuracy, then
then use those readings. 
But remember, a GoM is just that: a range meter that guesses what your range

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