Will Electric Vehicles Ever Be Able To Fully Charge In Ten Minutes Or Less?
Nov 30, 2017  Quora , Contributor

When do you think (if ever) electric vehicles will be able to charge (fully)
in 5-10 min? [
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Answer by Jeff Solie, advocate for electric vehicles, on Quora:

When do you think electric vehicles will be able to charge fully in 5-10

This is the most common question asked by people who do not yet understand
electric vehicles. We’re already way faster than five minutes.

Every night, I plug in my car. And every morning I drive away with a full
tank of electrons. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, other than spend the
full seven to eight seconds it took to plug in my car.

So in a way - it currently takes seven or eight seconds to charge my car.
Which is significantly shorter than it takes to fill a tank with gasoline.

When I wake in the morning - I have 212 miles of range (80% of my 85kWh
battery). If I know the day before that I’ll drive farther than 212 miles
(this happens at least three or four days per year), then I charge higher
than 80%. If I’m traveling (another six-ish times per year), then I have my
route planned.

But excluding the six-ish days per year when I’m traveling - the other 359
days per year are well within my daily range. If I got really anxious - I
could rent a car six times. But I don’t. It’s totally not necessary.

With that said - I also do have to invest the time required to unplug my car
in the morning… so the seven to eight seconds is a little bit skewed. It’s
probably more like fifteen seconds all-in. I spend so much less time fueling
than a person with a twentieth century gas powered car - it’s amazing to me
that this is a question. But I understand - it’s a learning curve. I’m way
on the leading edge of the curve. It’s fun over here.

It’s also far less expensive.

I drive 24,000 miles per year. My total cost of fuel in 2016 was $621. If I
was in a twentieth century gas car getting 20 mpg - that number would have
been more like $4,800 - and that’s with gas at $2.40.

And my oil changes were right around $0.

And my timing belts were $0.

And my brakes were $0 (regenerative braking… way awesome).

And my spark plugs were $0.

And my transmission fluid change was $0.

And my serpentine belt was $0.

And my emissions test were $0.

And my sensors and catalytics were $0.

And my air filters were $0.

Etc., etc., etc.

And I fill my car in fifteen seconds.

I hope that helps. It’s a process. It’s a learning curve. It’s a paradigm
shift. And those of us in the EV community are all patient to wait for the
ah-ha moments in everyone’s eyes. I am hoping this made at least one ah-ha
moment happen?

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