I think Solie's point of view is valid. It's different than ordering a package from a distant place. When you order the package, usually it's something you want and then have to wait for it. If you did a good job planning ahead, then it might be valid to not count the wait time.

For charging an EV, it's like planning ahead. Except that your wait is while you sleep so you aren't really waiting. It certainly rings true for me.

The issue I have with Solie's argument is that it only applies to people who have a place to charge at night. During the early adopter phase, which I claim we're still in, that is not too much of an issue. But I think it will be. I predict many people will go to a "filling station" every several days, much as they do now.

Before someone points out that this could be alleviated by having charge points at most parking spaces, consider this: at some point, the infrastructure is cheaper to build in a more centralized way - filling statiions - rather than distributed.


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The used car salesman approach to advocacy?

Did you know that I can receive in 10 minutes a package from a company in Europe?

9 minutes to order the package, and one minute (at most!) to bring it inside.

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Will Electric Vehicles Ever Be Able To Fully Charge In Ten Minutes Or Less?
Nov 30, 2017  Quora , Contributor

When do you think (if ever) electric vehicles will be able to charge (fully)
in 5-10 min? [
] originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge,
empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Jeff Solie, advocate for electric vehicles, on Quora:

When do you think electric vehicles will be able to charge fully in 5-10

This is the most common question asked by people who do not yet understand
electric vehicles. We’re already way faster than five minutes.

Every night, I plug in my car. And every morning I drive away with a full tank of electrons. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, other than spend the
full seven to eight seconds it took to plug in my car.

So in a way - it currently takes seven or eight seconds to charge my car. Which is significantly shorter than it takes to fill a tank with gasoline.

When I wake in the morning - I have 212 miles of range (80% of my 85kWh battery). If I know the day before that I’ll drive farther than 212 miles (this happens at least three or four days per year), then I charge higher than 80%. If I’m traveling (another six-ish times per year), then I have my
route planned.

But excluding the six-ish days per year when I’m traveling - the other 359 days per year are well within my daily range. If I got really anxious - I
could rent a car six times. But I don’t. It’s totally not necessary.

With that said - I also do have to invest the time required to unplug my car in the morning… so the seven to eight seconds is a little bit skewed. It’s probably more like fifteen seconds all-in. I spend so much less time fueling than a person with a twentieth century gas powered car - it’s amazing to me that this is a question. But I understand - it’s a learning curve. I’m way
on the leading edge of the curve. It’s fun over here.

It’s also far less expensive.

I drive 24,000 miles per year. My total cost of fuel in 2016 was $621. If I was in a twentieth century gas car getting 20 mpg - that number would have
been more like $4,800 - and that’s with gas at $2.40.

And my oil changes were right around $0.

And my timing belts were $0.

And my brakes were $0 (regenerative braking… way awesome).

And my spark plugs were $0.

And my transmission fluid change was $0.

And my serpentine belt was $0.

And my emissions test were $0.

And my sensors and catalytics were $0.

And my air filters were $0.

Etc., etc., etc.

And I fill my car in fifteen seconds.

I hope that helps. It’s a process. It’s a learning curve. It’s a paradigm shift. And those of us in the EV community are all patient to wait for the ah-ha moments in everyone’s eyes. I am hoping this made at least one ah-ha
moment happen?
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