Very different driving once I left CA. Over hundreds of highway miles, speed
limits kept going up and up, while the qualty of the I-10 & I-8 road
surfaces kept going down (mainly from heavy semi-truck use, & the amount of
repair funding).

To keep from being run off the road, I stuck with the speed limit in the
right lane. But it is a little tough trying to be a high-mpg,
less-polluting, ice-driver when 85mph is the (TX) speed limit. At those
speeds, the (brutal) rough roads are really hard on my front end (I made
need to see Willie's ice mechanic about work on my front end, wheels, tires,

When passing through El Paso, TX, I stopped at the (northern) Rudy's BBQ and
was surprised to find they have superEVSE, see the image I took
A Rudy's BBQ store rep said the superEVSE have brought in a-lot-of (mucho)
(eco-tourism) business for them. They liked that and the prestige of having
those chargers on-site

This trip has been hundreds of miles of nothing as far as one can see. Which
make me more appreciative of-what the pioneer cover wagon drivers had to

Yesterday night, Deming, NM was 28f (below freezing). This early Van Horn
(west) TX morning it is 29f. Today, I will be heading to stay the night at
Junction, TX which is currently at 26f ... enjoy.

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