Bruce---my prayers & thanks will follow you on and in your journey to my
home state. Thank you for all the useful, encouraging,  & amusing
information you have made available all my EVERYTHING years.
Go at the pace which us '40's models have earned by our years on this
planet.  Go in peace & joy, EV-angel!
Michael B
On Dec 16, 2017 9:16 PM, "brucedp5 via EV" <> wrote:

> In the past I have mentioned that I am spending time doing tasks and
> research to relocate (to more affordable digs). I thank the people who have
> helped advise me offline (especially Willie), so I can keep my head
> straight
> and aimed toward achieving my goal. I have made decisions and actions (like
> a commitment) toward that goal. If all goes well I will begin my trip on
> Monday.
> Not to go into all the details ... how this will impact my EVLN posts we
> will have to see. Knowing my energy levels are not as high as when I was a
> younger man, I am limiting my driving time before stopping for an over
> night
> motel stay (this might be a rather painful week long trip for others, but
> this trip will be at a slow enough pace so I do not over tax/load myself. I
> plan to avoid large cities to minimize traffic jams, etc. (map)
> There may be days when I do not post, or days where I post a couple of days
> worth. I am hoping, my slower pace method (and motel WiFi) will allow me
> the
> energy levels& connectivity  to make this transition seamless.
> A lot of challenges await this old-man, but I am hoping for the best.
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