What an awful situation. I hope you won't give up after all the planning and expense you have gone to this far. There must be an organization that can help you with this. Wouldn't the VA have paperwork that would show your citizenship? What about a new SS card from:
Looks like you have 30 days for the car license, 90 days for the driver's license, some time to work on it.

As good at searching as you are I expect you have already found all of this but possibly you have been too busy with all the hassle.

Good luck.

On 12/28/2017 7:03 AM, brucedp5 via EV wrote:

My status: stable (I have lodging) but worrisome (I'm not legal) ...

It seems the two different TX gov. offices that handle TX driver's lic &
vehicle regstration need more paperwork to prove I am a US citizen and
worthy of a TX lic. The dated 2013 link below is similar to my current

I have to make a few calls to see if I can get what is needed from CA
remotely (USPS mailed to a $65 UPS mailing address I bought). I also want to
try to get an unofficial vehicle inspection so I know how much it will cost
for what I am sure they will find that does not allow it to pass.

My options are:
-to keep slugging it out, and hopefully I can get these issues resolved
before my ability to legally drive on the road expires ...

-scrap out my drive-able CA vehicle and buy a pre-inspected TX registered
used vehicle ...

-or go back to CA, likely residing near the Fresno VA hospital, so I can be
legal and get things resolved/figured out.

The last one seems a shame, as I like where I am (friendly people,
affordable living, slower AG-rural pace, +more). But if TX sez no, then I
got to go (return).

I thought I had done all my homework to prepare for this, but the items I
need were not mentioned on their TX dmv website (maybe I had a senior moment
and missed something?). And even at the vehicle registration office they
mentioned somethings I need to have/get done for the driver's lic, that the
TX dmv office did not mention (both of them are state run gov. agencies).
Yuup it is a challenge, alright.

It is all rather disappointing,depressing to think I am not alone in how
hard this is to become a legal Texan.

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