On 01/12/2018 05:06 PM, Mike Scott via EV wrote:
Mine is behind the license plate and uses a standard door/window switch
from an old store alarm system. Just a magnet on the plate and a reed relay
that switches when the plate is latched closed. Reed relay grounds the
interlock relay, while the key switch supplies 12V to the other side of
it's coil.

This has the advantage of forcing you to close the plate as well as unplugging....one day I drove around with my plate slid to the side after my wife switched over the plug to her Leaf.

I do like the slide to the side plate, I may have to think about doing that.

In general, the license plate area is just too low for a charging plug. The Leaf's charging port door location (and slight upward angle) is much nicer.

I would have used the S-10's existing gas filler opening on the side of the bed by the drivers door, except that my chargers are right up in the front of the engine bay, and due to my tilting bed the length and path of the cable would have been ridiculous. And the Chevy emblem in the middle of the grill is too small to hide a J1772 inlet, although I gave some serious thoughts to just replacing it with an exposed inlet. My original inlet was HV orange colored, so I decided against it....

I had initially planned on having the license plate hinge on the bottom, so it would "fold down", but the bracket I bought only swung 90 degrees, and the plate intersected with the J1772 cord as it exiting the gun. So I had to put the hinge on the top, which blocked the view of my charging port quite well.

If you are going to use the license plate area, sliding (or swinging) to the side is about the best possible option. I still have to bend over to insert plugs and adjust my control knob, but at least I don't have to duck my head under the plate to see what I'm doing any more.

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