Peter C. Thompson via EV wrote:
I've driven off with cars that have battery tenders installed and plugs
not visible.  Bad scene.

I've always arranged my charging connector so if/when I drive off, it simply unplugs itself. No damage done.

I almost always use 120vac charging. The charger is in the car. Arcing is only a minor issue with AC; arcs automatically extinguish 120 times a second (at every zero-crossing). Since virtually every appliance every consumer owns works like this, AC receptacles are designed to tolerate occasional arcing if someone plugs or unplugs something "live".

For instance, my LeCar EV has its charging connector on the front grille. I drive into the garage nose-first, because that's where the charger is. The door to the house is on the right, so I have to walk in front of the car anyway to get in or out. That makes it easy and almost automatic to plug it in when I arrive home, or unplug it when I leave. Even if I forget, it just unplugs itself as I back out.
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