I didn't read the article, and don't want to defend an anti-EV hack, but on the question of volume, I can assure you that it can be an issue in the real world. As I always say, it's a question of the application and duty cycle.

One example I can think of is the experience of FedEx delivery truck. They have a number of battery electric delivery vehicles, found that range just couldn't cut it in at least some places. The obvious solution is add more batteries, right? No, more batteries would have taken up valuable cargo space. They could/wouldn't do it. So now they are demoing fuel cells as range extenders to the battery electrics. It's going very well, from what I hear. I believe that UPS is doing the same.

- Mark

On 2018-04-08 03:37, Lee Hart via EV wrote:
EVDL Administrator via EV wrote:
It's puzzling that the author of this article, Isidor Buchman, allegedly sets out to write about the differences between mobile phone batteries and EV batteries, but spends over 40% of his piece dismissing and denigrating

Worse, he rehashes the same old misinformation and ignorance that's been
aimed at EVs for 5 decades.

Look at this junk. This is the language of a PR hack, not a scientist.
Some of it's outright wrong; other parts are just meaningless prattle.

That's how it looked to me as well. Besides the gaffes you pointed
out, his use of charts for H2 are out of place. Also, I've never seen
anyone compare batteries by volume as a figure of merit. Volume is
almost never a problem; it's always weight that counts (KW per KG, and
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