Robert Bruninga via EV wrote:
Why would anyone want to ride 300 miles on a motorcycle without stopping
anyway?  I think motorcycles are more for local travel and fun.  Not boring 300 
long trips.

I don't think people would routinely ride it 300 miles at a time. But just like ICE cars that can go hundreds of miles without refueling, people want the long range without recharging "just in case". It's a comfort factor; they don't need it every day, but want it to be there when they need it.

I live in the midwest, and routinely drive my EVs. They have a range of about 100 miles; enough to go anywhere in my local area. But if I want to drive to (say) the Twin Cities and back, it can easily be a 200 mile round trip. Our Leaf can't do it. In theory, I could charge someplace in the Minneapolis/St. Paul before heading back; but the places I go don't have fast-charging facilities, so I'd have to stay overnight to get enough charge to get back home.

In these circumstances, I have to take my ICE. I'd rather take my EV, but can't until it has more range.

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