> You're not going to get 200 miles of range from a smaller battery at
realistic speeds.

Well, it wouldn't be the first kickstarter to make absurd claims and still
be fully funded. It's being built for India. Average speeds there are quite
slow. Roads are busy and terrible. You can get 300 miles out of 18kwh sure,
you'll just be going ~50km/h (30mph) to only drain the max 60wh/mile.


> Why would anyone want to ride 300 miles on a motorcycle without stopping
anyway.? I think motorcycles are more for local travel and fun.  Not boring
300 mile
long trips. 

You answered your own question. Because people have different opinions than
you and what you think of as boring. There's a whole class of touring and
cruiser motorbikes from all manner of manufacturers that sell for tens of
thousands of dollars. So, who? All the people buying those bikes who don't
think it's boring.

List your favorite 5 things to do and I'm sure half of the rest of us could
find one where we roll our eyes and call you boring for liking that.
Different strokes for different folks.

> Cedric Lynch built a feet-forward electric motorcycle over 20 years ago
> that could go over 300km on its 5kwh pack. Given the advances in today's
> batteries over those he had back then, 500km (310 miles) is clearly
> possible.

Nope. Cedric built what looks like an electric bicycle, that probably goes
bicycle speeds (it doesn't say). Physics are what they are. No battery
improvement is going to change how much power it takes to push air out of
the way. A 5kwh pack is a 5kwh pack.

300km on a 5kwh pack is 27wh/mile (2.2hp).

In order to match his physics, at highway speed, with low-rolling-resistance
tires, and only 200kg total weight of bike+rider including batteries -
batteries are around 200wh/kg, so, that's 90kg of battery, add 90kg of adult
and you've got 20kg left over for bike frame, motor, controller, steering,
and fairings - would even then require his entire frontal area to be 1.8
square feet.

That's someone laying perfectly prone, on their back. That's 1'x1.8'. Your
feet are about 1' and your shoulders are about 1.8'. Magically hovering down
the road with no tires in the way or anything other than a man-shaped

It's not possible at highway speeds.

More realistically, he's going to need 150-200 wh/mile, so, 60,000wh pack
which is 500lbs of battery. But they already say it will have 18kwh.

> 618 miles in a day.  1978 Honda 750CB  4 cylinder.  VA to MA in my youth. 

There's a guy who's planning to ride his '85 Nighthawk 750 to Tuktoyuktuk at
the arctic circle. The Nighthawk's gas tank only holds 230km worth and it's
400 klicks between gas stations up there so he has to pack extra gas tanks.
And it's about a thousand miles of desolate gravel road.

The Nighthawk is a cafe racer, not a cruiser, it's comfortable for about 15
minutes, but that's his idea of fun.

To think this Indian company is going to build an EV motorbike that gets
double the range of a bigger gas bike is absurd.

My own '85 Nighthawk 750 EV conversion I'm about to mount maybe 12kwh max
worth of batteries into the frame (and it's a big bike), and it'll go maybe
60 miles on the highway. To fit 1.5x that much battery onto a frame, and go
5x as far at the same speed is an absurd claim. Which is probably why they
do the oldest lie in the EV book and tell you the range without telling you
at what speed.

> Based on my past versions it'll need well under 100wthr/mile.

Well that's just math. 18,000wh and 300 miles range. To meet their claims it
will need to be under 60wh/mile.

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