Cor van de Water via EV wrote:
Anecdotal evidence: I have charged a grand total of 1 time at the public
charging station across the street...  So, for me the balance lies at over
99% private charging. I suspect others have similar experience and this
skews the picture quite a bit away from public charging.

Same for me. :-)

Apartment dwellers either need to rely on workplace charging or get a
(shared) charger installed, but are likely to use more public charging
otherwise. So, with more people buying EVs, including those without garage
or private driveway, the need for public charging likely increases more
than linear.

I agree. Right now, probably 99% of EV owners charge at home. As long as that stays true, no one can monopolize charging.

The problem is that we represent less than 1% of the motoring public. The other 99% can easily be swayed by arguments like "EV owners are tax cheats, cause blackouts, and could burn down your apartment building with their dangerous illegal practices. We need these new rules to protect you from the damage they cause."

To create a monopoly, they have to get these laws passed *before* any significant percentage of EVs owners are out there to complain if they interfere with charging at home.

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