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Hey Jon:

While I totally agree with the idea behind the branding decision (hey I have a marketing degree and worked with big brands myself), I am a bit confused with the notion of a "modified version" of the Plone logo considering the fact that the official Plone Conference logo (see attached) is using a modified version of the Plone logo.

I suspect they're granted dispensation. :)

I suspect you are right. And I suspect anybody can ask for it.

From the quoted http://plone.org/foundation/committees/ip/policy

"If in doubt, contact the IP committee about your proposed logo usage."

where "contact the IP committee" is linked to:


with an email address of:


I suspect that committee might be rather non-operational at the moment, however. It might be more productive to ask the PF board. And I also suspect that the special dispensation at least some of the modified uses of the logo I've seen recently have been by simple fiat.


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