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One thing to keep in mind is that Foundation explicitly discourages "logo derivatives" (e.g. modified versions of the Plone logo) -- our marketing experts tell us that logo derivatives, over time, diminish the impact, recognizability and value of the Plone brand identity. (

WPD is an awesome concept, and we all really appreciate the great work that you, Roberto, and all the WPD organizers are doing, but it should be promoted with either an unmodified version of the Plone logo (e.g. the logo plus "World Plone Day" text) or a logo that doesn't include Plone's logo at all.

I know this probably seems a bit counterintuitive (heck I find it a bit counterintuitive myself), but I have a lot of confidence in the wisdom of the folks who've advised on branding.

Thank you very much Jon, and thank you for the patience and to explain this. Part of the WPD is to learn explicit and implicit conventions rules in the promotion of Plone, and the use of the logo is a very important one. If you find other point that wpd shouldn't follow, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Tim, i agree with Jon and i suggest to modify the proposal to follow also, if there are any other proposal on the way, please keep in mind this too.

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