Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
Hi all,

the World Plone Day was great fun and a fairly good success given that it was the first WPD ever and that we started very late to promote it.

So I think we will have a World Plone Day next year.

From the lessons we've learned we should discuss improvements for the next years WPD.

hello Jan, thank you very much for supporting wpd and your feedback!, you guys made an awesome job in Germany!

Here are my proposals.

1. True international homepage

We need to have a multilingual website called worldploneday.org, so that each national team can translate announcements and infos into their national language and refer to it in their national PR.
when we started the wpd i thought it could be a good idea to have a site for wpd, but as the organization moved forward i change my mind. There are good reasons to keep the global communication in plone.org:

1. All the effort of the wpd should be in the local events. Following this argument, if you need a site, you should create one for your country or city, and when you promote the wpd in your country, you should use your site. If you need 'global' elements, you can add a google map and stuff like this we made already. Doing smt like this, every host has the freedom to do what it considers necessary and we don't force to have the same content translated to all the languages. The people who attended the wpd in my country got informed through our user group site, not the global place... so it's more important to invest time on the local version rather the global one,

2. Effort and resources. The wpd 2008 page was very simple, and still it took me too much time. We should need more people to do a global site, hosting and so on. Until we don't have a matre event i wouldn't invest resources on it.

3. Bringing people to plone.org or your local site is good. I like the idea of having the global event page few clicks close to the download plone button, or even the local one (we used plone cono sur page to promote wpd in our region). This is a good way to promote your local job, in our case, to promote our Plone user group.

2. Refining target group

We discovered that a great percentage of our participants were people who already heard of Plone before or even uses it already. So it is good to have a mixture of basic talks like »What Is Plone?« or »The Plone Community«, but you definitely need some presentations for an advanced audience, for people who already know Plone and its community.

WPD should be an event to meet new people. I would suggest refining the communication instead. In our country most of the attendees were new people. And the 'old' ones cames to meet the new people. How you promote the event locally will impact the people you bring.

There aren't any restriction here, if your local meeting is focused to members of the community, it is ok anyway.

3. More time to prepare the World Plone Day

The DZUG e.V. (German Zope User Group) is planning its annual schedule in late december or early january. In 2008 the WPD-idea came too late for us, so that we could not support our community in an optimal way. For our annual plan for 2009 it is crucial to know whether and when apporximately there will be a WPD in 2009.

I would propose to have a WPD not too late in the year, to avoid conflicts with the Plone Conference, but I am fine with a World Plone Day in next years november again.

i think wpd one month after the ploneconf is a good idea. So, when we know the ploneconf's date we use that date plus a month.

4. Give-aways! I know their were some, but we've got none. :-(

logistics were difficult. Probably we need more resources here.

5. More noise in the media and the web especially all these web 2.0 sites.

we need more help here. Gerry made a great job, but we should have more people assisting him.

Considering it was the first edition, i think it was a great event, so it is great you sent feedback because we need it to define the goals for wpd 2009. Also the numbers, if you can send us how many people attended in Germany i would thank you a lot!

Kind Regards


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