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Consider connecting with computer science faculty at a local community
college. They often have free access to unscheduled facilities when the general public does not. Partnering with faculty can also drive up interest
with students.

As an adjunct professor at the College of Santa Fe, I have free use of a
mega-classroom (~125 seats) and four 20-seat computer labs, all with
projection equipment.  CSF-Albuquerque focuses on evening and weekend
classes, so daytime use is easily worked out.  Then again, I may be
incredibly fortunate to have such a cool benefit from CSF.

(BTW, look for an ABQ Sprint next year to take advantage of CSF space as

Great! Maybe we could organize a marketing sprint?

Also, some public libraries have available public meeting space for groups your size.

Yes, after several unsuccessful attempts to find space in Boston, we found a library just around the corner which had a multipurpose room that could seat 100. And it was free!

So definitely check with the libraries in your area as they often have these facilities available for public use at no cost.


Best of luck,


Donna Snow (SnowWrite)-2 wrote:

The event was expensive for me (nearly $1,000 when all was said and done). It's difficult to find free space in this area. Google wasn't willing to
provide a space and most universities I contacted (believe it or not)
to charge an hourly rate for the event. The other thing I realized is we (the Plonista's in this area) really need to get out there and promote the living daylights out of Plone. We are not as "Plone" friendly in this area (unlike some of our European counterparts). So next year we start earlier
and I try harder to find a location that is free (or very low cost).

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