Thanks for the summary.  Just now O'Reilly has posted the webcast at, so I'll be able to take a peek for myself.  -- 

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To: Horak, Karl
Subject: Re: [Evangelism] Should we be doing things like this?

Hi Karl,

It was pretty generic since it probably was meant to introduce the
topic of Drupal to new people.  The WebEx webcast worked pretty well
except for the audio was very faint.  I ended up calling in to the
conference bridge so I could hear anything.  The back channel chat
that was on the page was nice since there were some fairly
knowledgeable folks in there, most likely from Lullabot, answering
many of the questions.

The O'Reilly moderator did a good job of picking up on questions in
the channel as they went by and they spent almost 45 minutes on
questions alone.   I think that a presentation of this type that
showed off Plone in the same manner would blow Drupal out of the water
since we seam head and shoulders above them when it comes to more
enterprise features.


On Dec 6, 2008, at 6:26 AM, Karl Horak wrote:

> Calvin,
> How did the Drupal webcast turn out?  I had signed up out of
> curiousity, but
> events (mother's broken hip) overtook me.  I did see a "sorry you
> didn't
> attend" message from the webcast system in my inbox, so they are
> paying
> attention to all levels of follow-up.
> The webcast summary that they sent me after signing up looked fairly
> generic
> and high-level.  What was your opinion of the presentation, its target
> audience, its usefulness, and its message?
> Karl
> Calvin Hendryx-Parker wrote:
>> Just caught this in my RSS reader and I have signed up to check it
>> out
>> to see how this works.  I think it would be something that could be
>> pretty effective to get new folks engaged in Plone.
>> Cal
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