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Ciao Godefroid! :)

Unfortunately Dylan is right..

Plone is pushed on the "low" side of the chart.. and is not on "ECM" line, but *only* on "Enterprise Portal", "Web Content Management" and "Social Software and Collaboration" lines,
which connotates Plone as quite peculiar.

What i feel about the *why": probably they take into account just the Plone out-of-the-box experience,
which to be considered an ECM at version 3.x is missing at least:

- a good *blobs story* out-of-the-box (which version 4 is solving really well)

- a good *index&search story*, which we can deploy only thanks to extensions (collective.solr above all the rest..)

If wikipedia is to be believed then my guess is archiving, desktop integration and scanning is perhaps what's missing?


"New product suites have arisen from the combination of capture, search and networking capabilities with technologies of the content management field, which have traditionally addressed digital archiving, document management and workflow. Generally speaking, this is when content management becomes enterprise content management. The different nomenclature is intended to encompass all of the problem areas related to the use and preservation of information within an organization, in all of its forms — not just its web-oriented face to the outside world."

I know systems like TRIM handle imaging and archiving etc which plone doesn't normally integrate with. Sharepoint integrates with exchange and desktop sharing in ways Plone doesn't do as comprehensively. Anyone familiar with Alfresco know what it can do that Plone doesn't that qualifies as ECM?

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