Please proofread these and let me know if anything needs to be changed ASAP. I 
need to order these tomorrow. Note - I'll be uploading full-resolution graphics 
files, so don't worry about any pixelation you might see in these, they won't 
print with pixelation.

In addition to these items, I'm also ordering 1000 of the round tuit wooden 
nickels. I know it is a play on the English "around to it" which doesn't 
translate, but they're inexpensive, and clever / odd enough for people to keep 
them for a little while, and if they visit the URL printed on it, that is all 
we can ask.


        --  rms

Large banner - will be 6 ft tall. Vertically mounted on a banner stand.

Small banner - will attach to the front of the table.

Postcard - front side

Postcard - back side (black and white printing)

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